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    Baosteel Group leaders came to visit our company
    Release time:
    2018-07-17 08:45
    Baosteel Group leaders came to visit our company
    Jiacheng Steel Plate new warehouse is activated! ! !
    Release time:
    2015-04-23 08:39
    All of them are new-type cranes with double beam design. The storage throughput of 10,000 tons greatly alleviates the storage problems of color su
    Jiacheng Steel Plate new line started up
    Release time:
    2015-04-23 08:38
    Invested 20 million yuan, the latest international level, lasted for half a year, our new line started! From 0.12-1.0 thickness, 914-1250 width, all
    Jiacheng company quality inspection department was established!
    Congratulations on the establishment of the quality inspection department of our company In 2015, under the strong leadership of our company's board of directors, through the close cooperation of var
    Jiacheng Steel Plate three-color printing production line officially put into production!
    The company's new three-color printing production line has beenThe working principle of the three-color printing machine is to first engrav
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